Dogs are part of the family, and whilst your dog is at VA VA GROOM they become part of our family.

Welcome to va va groom

Welcome to VA VA GROOM, ​the enchanting realm of ​holistic dog grooming. ​Nestled in the heart of ​Nantwich, our empawrium ​awaits, a mere handful of ​paw prints away from the ​bustling cafes and shops. ​Upon crossing the threshold ​of our verdant gates, you'll ​discover a secure and ​inviting cobbled courtyard ​where our state-of-the-art ​pawlour gleams with ​tranquilit​y.

The Pawlour

hydro bath

Our temperature control system is customized to cater to your dog's age, skin type, and overall health requirements.

accordion grooming table

This feature makes it an ideal choice for dogs that struggle with mobility issues or display nervous tendencies.

sensory garden

Here, the fragrant blooms of dog-safe plants and herbs beckon, offering sweet aromas and gentle textures to snuffle and explore.

our services

Meet & treat

Getting to know you

and your dog's requirements whilst your dog gets to know me and the environment

dog centred grooming

Grooming practices that prioritise consent and are conducted in a low-stress environment, founded on a relationship built on trust.

specialist care

We employ specialised equipment, training, and techniques with your dog's well-being and comfort as our top priority.


Meet & treat

£10 Choice of tea or ​coffee for you and a ​variety of treats & ​activi​ties for your dog

Specialist re-introductioin to Grooming

£20 per half hour​

£35 per hour​


Small dogs from £40

Medium dogs from £50

Large dogs from £60

E​xtra Large from £70

va va groom approved products

You can now purchase ethical, natural & vegan products, made in the UK, when you visit.

L5 Holistic Grooming Behaviourist Diploma

Graduating in August 2022 as one of the first certified Holistic Grooming Behaviourists in the world


Dermatological Grooming

Graduating in September 2022, and currently studying for the Level 2 qualification

L3 Diploma in dog grooming & salon management

Graduated from Four Paws Groom School Northwich, June 2021

Continual Professional Development

My Story

June 2020 I experienced my own personal tragedy, in the midst of the pandemic, and my life was changed forever. I re-evaluated my life and as part of my own recovery I embarked on my training to become a dog groomer.

After each training day I would go home and show my husband the before and after pictures of my grooms. He always said that the dogs looked really happy in the before photos and really miserable in the after photos, much to my frustration, I would rather that he said how well the grooms looked, but he had a point. This got me paying much more attention to what affect the groom was having on the dogs.

One of the tutors had noticed the calming affect I had on the dogs and advised me to look up Stephanie Zickmann and Holistic Grooming. I finished my Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming & Salon Management in the June 2021 and started my Level 5 Holistic Grooming & Behaviour Diploma in the August, and the rest as they say is history! Although it isn't as the moment I graduated from that I completed my DAATA (canine dermatology) L1 and am about to start my L2.

As I relatively new pet professional, I pride myself in the fact that the dogs literally cannot get through the door quick enough to see me, and the guardians all say that whenever they pass my house the dogs always try to come in. I feel really lucky that I have such great customers, who sought me out because they want the kind of individual service that I offer, and hope to grow the service so I can help more dogs find the pleasure in grooming.

There have been a few clues over the years, that I would one day be working with dogs.

Here I am on my birthday with my present, an Old English Sheepdog cuddly toy I picked from the toy shop in Hawick. I slept with my giant snoopy every night, as well as having every snoopy merchandise going. I had one of those joke invisible dog leads.

Here are the 3 dogs I grew up with . I took the

Border Terrier to my school end of term activity week for dog training. He managed to wee up most people's legs and won waggiest tail award as he was useless at everything else!

In recent years I used

to walk the long way

to work so I could get

free cuddles with

dogs, when my

husband suggested

I should consider

becoming a dog


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